A little vay-cay in the D.R…A big blog post…

A little vay-cay in the D.R…A big blog post…

SO…what did I see/do…

The Dominican Republic has a beautiful countryside…they used some scenery shots for footage in Jurassic Park…needless to say there were many times I was waiting to see a raptor running over the hills.

The inhabited parts of the town however provided me with a little culture shock. No rules of the road, their cars look like it’s where the 80s went to die, and most drove scooters or mopeds not cars. They carried everything on these scooters!…Families of 4, large tvs, bags of food, and propane tanks. PROPANE TANKS! I was a little scared there would be an accident and we would blow up! Needless to say I do believe I was a bit humbled and found a new sense of luck/appreciation for the fact that I was born in the United States.

There were a number of days we just laid out on the beach beds at the resort and chillaxed and sipped some adult bevies. And there were a few days we took off the resort excursions.

Catamaran ride…not my favorite for the fact that I’m almost a ginger and 8 hours in direct sunlight in the D.R. was not the best idea. Too much sun even with much water and sunblock every hour still provided me with a bad burn in some spots. I also attempted snorkeling…mind you I’m greatly afraid of sharks, but I was brave and got in the water. After an extreme wedgie from the life vest, salt water in my mouth, and a mention of hammerhead sharks I decided my time in the water was best for quick dips near to the boat ladder.

The EXTREME EXCURSION! Waterfalls, zip rides, horses! We took a little hike up a mountain and came down cliff diving and sliding down natural water slides. This part was cool although the cliff diving provided some anxiety.  The zip rides were fun…BUT…there were times people were never clipped into some sort of safety apparatus…mainly when you were free climbing up sketchy wood ladders higher up into the tree. And my horse had to be my favorite part!! I called mine Ricky Bobby! He made me a bit nervous at first because he was unfamiliar to me…I to him…and I’m sure his life conditions were nothing what a horse here in the states experiences so I initially thought he was trying to breakaway to throw me off when really he just wanted to go fast! I loved it! We were heading around the group running along and having some horse riding experience…I won’t lie…I felt like we looked good with my serious posting skills!

One of my friends however didn’t have the same experience on her horse…she got a biter! Thankfully not her, but it did snap at another horse…missed…and got the leg of the man on the horse instead. He was OK…was merely a flesh wound and he had a great attitude about it…he felt it made for an awesome story back home!

NOW…how did I like it?…

I feel a good sign of vacation is that you had a good time…relaxed…and get refreshed and ready to get back to a routine.  And I seriously was!

I had some of the best company! Now my initial vay-cay date fell through. One of my best friends had a death in her family and at last minute couldn’t make it. I was left to head out with two couples…everyone I mentioned this to gasped…cringed…and made some mention of feeling bad for me to be the one single person. I believe that if you go into something thinking it’s going to suck well then yes it will! However, I’m used to being one of the few singles left in my group of friends and my friends and their significant others are awesome! No awkwardness just good times all around! I will admit I probably would have felt safer if someone was in the room with me and the fact that the staff at the resort kept asking me where my husband was getting to be quite annoying!

And the food! I’m not sugar coating…I hated it! I heard many reviews of people loving the food at the resort and there were many options, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t want to see the face of the animal I eat (many pigs roasted on spits), tobacco flavored ice cream does not equal chocolate, and there is a serious reason people all over the country fly in Maine lobsters! Their lobster was straight up nasty!

Would I go to the D.R.again…?

Nope…I went…I saw…I conquered. I would try another tropical location after much research into their dining choices. But before I attempt that again I think there are a number of places in the states I still want to see first! Nashville…Vegas…South Carolina…

As for my 5K training in the D.R…I know I swore I would work out and I did get exercise in during excursions, but I won’t lie…I was a tad afraid of venturing off on my own the first few days. First time out of the country (other than Canada) on my own. SO I’m back to a schedule!

3 more weeks my friends so let’s get on it!

Glad to be back hanging with all of you ;-)



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